What is Post Call Center?

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Post call center

Post Call Center is seen after a phone call is missed.  The name (if available), number is displayed with the option to block the number, file a complaint, or view the history of the caller. Also, post call center displays how many blocks, complaints, and lookups a number has.

Difference in Colors

Green: For callers not stored in your contacts and not known to be telemarketers or debt collectors

Yellow: A suspected telemarketer or debt collector, but not on the name iD list of reported offenders

Red: For callers who are telemarketers or debt collectors that are on the name iD list of reported offenders

Scammer: Known scammers, calls from these numbers will be automatically blocked if Scam Blocking is enabled, before reaching the user. A notification will alert the user that a scammer has been blocked.

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